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This section has been setup to document some of the dealings with people who seem to like to cheat, steal, lie, and swindle their way into the industry.  What ever happened to honesty and integrity?  Nobody seems to want to have to work for anything any more.  It's just easier to lie about your intentions and then get what you need to get ahead off of the hard work of others.  What is most troublesome is to see this in today's youth.

We try not to do business with these types, but unfortunatly, it happens.  My inherent nature to trust others is all but dried up, and in this day and age that's a good thing.  As a result of these dealings, we make public their unethical behaviour and post it all here for others to see.

Case 1 involves an individual who approached us about being a supplier of components for his SC system.  The subject of him copying the design for his own personal financial gain was clearly discussed from the very first phone call.  The letter clearly documents the situation.  After copying the design behind our back, this individual then had the audacity to tell us he was planning to offer the parts he copied back to us so we could sell them here on our website.  Seriously, why would we want copies of our own parts?  How long do you suppose he was planning to wait to tell us he had copied the design and was actively out selling these parts?  Let us be very clear here...said individual purchased a set of parts from us with every intention of using them to have them copied.  This design was concepted and developed in 2006-2007 and while you may see knock-offs elsewhere, the real deal is only offered from us...and our's actually fits and is hand made...and that's why it costs more.  We won't even get into discussions on how much better what our parts are attached to works.