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A brief message for some of our competition:

This message doesn't apply to all of you, but to those who it does, please take notice.

Over the years we've heard and seen it all.  Now that we're in business to stay, it has become blatantly obvious that you continue to attempt to take advantage of manipulating facts in an effort to make a sale to our customer base.  Your bad behaviour has manifested itself in many ways, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Attempting to sell our customers products you sell and then claiming those products are "adequate" for use with our twin turbo system
  • Attempting to sell our customer products they don't need by claiming your product is a must for this application
  • Making claims about the longevity or success of our products as you try to sell your own product
  • Buying bits or pieces of our system and telling us you plan to order more for your systems, then COPYING our design and making it yourself to lessen your financial outlay.
  • Posting power numbers that are a pipeline dream for the manifold pressure and type of pump you're using

Let's be clear, we have more experience in turbocharged 928s than anybody.  You, on the other hand, attempt to use your non-related experience in an effort to make a sale by attempting to place fear or doubt into the minds of our customer base.  If you have no experience in turbocharged Porsche 928s, then please stop acting like you do, or making claims about what our customers do or don't need to build a powerful 928.  Furthermore, before you attempt to sell something to our customer base and claim it is compatible with our system(s), you would be well advised to call me first.  This only stands to make everybody's life easier in the long run.  We're not going to get into specifics of the hardware you've attempted to sell our customers over the years as this is intented to be a general note to "knock it off".  We're tired of having to answer questions or be requested to rework details of our system to attempt to fit something you sold to our customers that doesn't work with the twin turbo system.  The worst scenario stems from you selling parts which you claim are upgrades, yet the only result in the end is additional money and time spent for a zero sum game where our customer ends up spends a lot of money while simultaneously costing me a lot of time answering questions about how to make your product work with our system.  If it's needed to fit our system, then it is provided.  You can trust me when I tell you that we don't need your parts or knowledge to build a powerful 928.  Everything we sell has been documented to work and is backed by sound engineering practices and empirical data.

When you, another business owner or "tuner" buys something from us it is made incredibly clear that you are not to copy the product for your own personal financial gain nor to reproduce as a part of your system.  I run things here on the honor system, but clearly your bad behaviour requires more adequate measures on my part, namely documentation to stop you from copying and seeking profit on OUR designs.  Better yet, it is apparent I should have never made a sale to you in the first place.  Initial impressions tend to be spot on.  I suspect you have no concept of what it actually takes to be innovative, so you look to others to steal their ideas and then reproduce.  You can rest assured that you won't be able to purchase anything from this business in the future, because you have proven that you simply cannot be trusted.  Copying products and then claiming them as your own is just plain dirty business.  Changing one aspect of the design, regardless of your opinion, does not make the design yours.  Designs that are ours are clear, since we innovate and come up with new, never before seen designs.  Please show us the respect as one of the innovators in the realm of forced induction by not copying our designs. 

We don't make claims about, or attempt to put down your products.  This is even after the series of phone calls we've received about the problems with your products, how they don't fit, don't work as advertised, or are the result of snake-oil sales tactics at best.  My answer is always the same, that being they need to contact you about the issues with your products, not us.  Of course, we always lend technical insight where applicable, but it never comes at the expense of making negative publicity for you or your products.  We extend you this courtesy because it is not in our code of ethics to behave to the contrary.



John W. Kuhn