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Building high performance forced induction systems and engines requires high-quality parts and components.  While many times these parts are custom or non-model specific, more often than not the build also requires a lot of OEM components.  Things like gaskets, bearings, and the like are always required to bet a project on track.  As a result of this requirement, we have good access to OEM components to meet most requirements.  From air and oil filters to engine bearings and ring sets, we can typically supply the components which you require for your general maintenance or high-performance build.  One of our major suppliers of OEM components has a large warehouse here in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  This means we can typically supply you with the components you need in a timely manner and for a reasonable price.

We carry top shelf components.  Some of the brands we carry include; Pagid, Textar, Jurid, ATE, Brembo, Sachs, Glyco, Kolbenschmidt, Bosch, Mahle, Mann, Goetze, Bilstein, Sachs, Boge, Victor Reinz, Pentosin, Beru, RedLine and Lubro Moly just to name a few.

The next time you need components to maintain, rebuild or upgrade your car let us know and we'll be glad to quote to your requirements.

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