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This 1990 928GT has the complete twin turbo treatment.  We supplied this customer with most of the necessary bits to complete a refresh on the original engine and as well, the entire twin turbo system.  The twin turbo system on this 928 consists of:

  • Twin Garrett GT2871R turbos
  • Twin high-flow ceramic coated exhaust manifolds
  • Twin side mounted intercoolers
  • JDS Porsche Super-MAF with compressed maps
  • 42 lb./hr Bosch fuel injectors

With the 928 GT's more agressive camshafts and deeper reduction end gearing make this car incredibly quick.  The power results speak for themselves, at 9 psig (0.6 BAR) this GT produced 470 HP and 461 ft-lbs of torque on the tire.  We'd like to thank this customer for installing our system on a 928GT.