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Contrary to what many think, we do actually do some work on Supercharged Porsche 928s.  This example is a 1985 Porsche with the early 32V, 5.0 liter 928 engine.  The vehicle is equipped with a twin screw supercharger and has been setup to run as a dual purpose street / track car.  It is a fine example of the track potential of the Porsche 928.  Our work on this vehicle surrounded remapping of the Bosch LH 2.2 and the EZF modules.  The vehicle was originally equipped with a ramping rising rate fuel pressure regulator and 30 lb/hr injectors.  While a knock control system was onboard, the EZF was still running stock timing maps.  Through use of the JDS Porsche Shark Tuner, we were able to install a SuperMAF module whilst re-mapping the LH 2.2 with a 36 lb/hr fuel injector.  The EZF module was equipped with a 2 BAR manifold pressure sensor, which allowed remapping of the entire boosted range of the ignition map.  The use of the 2 BAR manifold pressure sensor allows half of the ignition map to operate for the crusise and low speed sections, whilst the upper boosted end of the map in now also fully able to be tuned.  Both the fuel and ignition modules have further capacity to add more manifold pressure for future enhancemenst.