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This was the car that started it all for us.  A 1983 Porsche 944 was traded for this 1980 Porsche 928 in the spring of 2004.  This particular car started life as a humble 1980 928 with the US spec 4.5 liter engine with a 3-Speed automatic transmission.  A previous cosmetic restoration had been completed on the vehicle including the addition of the burgundy interior from a later model S4.  The turbocharging system consisted of:

  • Two KKK K26-6 units from the Audi AAN engine
  • Stainless steel log manifolds
  • Twin Tial 38mm remote wastegates
  • A large front mount intercooler
  • mass airflow conversion system with larger fuel injectors
  • The engine was torn down completely and the engine block was Nikasil plated and JE 2618 forged pistons were installed.

A true wolf in sheeps clothing, this car (while certainly not the most powerful car we've ever built) was a very fun ride, specifically considering the car would shift out of 1st gear just before 60 MPH.  0-60 times were clocked in the low 5 second range, while the 1/4 mile was measured at the mid 13 second mark at 106 MPH.  These figures are quite impressive considering the base vehicle is lucky to manage 8 seconds / 16 seconds respectively.

The car was completed across a 6 week period in preparation for a show in 2004 and was driven to and from the show a total of 1,500+ miles.  Power output on 10 psig was around 375 flywheel HP with about 420 ft-lbs of torque.