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This 1977.5 Porsche 924 represents a project build for us.  The car will be used to debut some of the products we offer to through Kuhn Performance Technologies.  Our goal here is to build a very basic looking early Porsche 924, with a very potential running gear.  We sourced this 1977.5 Porsche 924 in the Cincinnati, Ohio area as a basis for the build.  Few of these early 924s are still around, and even fewer with rust free panels and bodies.  If you want an odd color like the Rally Yellow or Signal Green, the list gets even smaller.  Across the summer of 2012, the vehicle was chemically stripped in preparation for a complete re-spray in Glasurit 22 single stage paint over top of RM DP25 high-build primer.  This car required a roof re-skin as the original owner had installed an aftermarket sunroof into the non sunroof panel.  A non-sunroof roof was sourced from a 1984 Porsche 944.  In addition to this, both front fenders and valence were replaced and came off of a totally rust free southen KY 1987 924S donor car.  Many hours later the completed paint job revealed itself on the 924.  Nothing shines flat and deep like 3000 grit wet-sanded and buffed single stage Glasurit paint!

Now that the body is completed, the emphasis can turn to the mechanicals and interior of the build.  The plans are lengthy, and include the following:

  • A built Audi AAN Inline 5 cylinder 20V turbo engine running a Garrett GT30R
  • Torque tube and transmission from a 931 (924 Turbo) will be used to handle the 400 ft-lbs of torque
  • Suspension will be from a 1987 Porsche 924S with some customization
  • Wheels will be from the Porsche 928S4
  • Brakes will be 4 Piston Brembo from the Porsche 928S4
  • Seats will be early 80s vintage sport seats refinished in black leather and OEM "schwartz-gelb-grun" wool plaid on the inserts

This project build is the pathway to under 6 lbs/hp in a lightweight, well-balanced chassis.  No power windows, no power door locks, no air conditioning, no power steering.  The goal here is very simple, that being basic high-performance in a no bells and whistles package.  The AAN is the perfect engine for this project as the original 924s featured the 2.0 liter cast iron Audi engine and we can still retain the cross-bred relationship.  Additionally the AAN can be cleverly bolted directly to the 931's bell housing without the need for any conversion plates.  Very simply, a factory Audi spacer is used to accomplish this marriage.  Lastly, but certainly not least the Audi AAN is not crippled with inherent oiling problems and the open deck block design seen in the 944.  The smaller 81mm bore and overall engine design will allow for a lot of manifold pressure to be run on straight pump gasoline with little concern about breaing parts.  In short, the AAN is a very bullet-proof engine as proven at Pike's Peak and on the Trans Am circuit in the late 1980s.  The car will retain its stock, late-1970's appearance including the VW issued mirrors, fuel filler lid and door handles.  Often seen as the worst Porsche ever, the 924 was the starting point for the successful Porsche 944 and 944 turbo series.   This 924 will be far from an entry level Porsche upon completion.

While everybody is putting V8s into these cars, we felt it was necessary to take this project in a different direction.  Consider the built AAN will make more power than a built normally aspirated V8, will weigh less and will offer far superior fuel economy.  Power goals are 450 HP at the flywheel while rataining over 30 MPG for reliable, daily use.  The AAN is fully up tpo this task.  We also believe resale value will easily outpace a comparable V8 equipped car.  We can't think of a better engine for this chassis than the Audi AAN.  Consider that upon completion this car will have the same power level as a highly modified Porsche 951 but will weigh 500 lbs less and have a stronger, more reliable engine.