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Part number: TS-0505-1006

Turbosmart’s 40mm external wastegate is designed to fit into tight engine bays while still offering superior flow and heat handling capabilities. The revolutionary new actuator housing is 25% smaller than currentrange and allows for easy spring changes and gives the ability to index the cap orientation in 12 different positions. Suitable for all turbocharged vehicles with an external wastegate turbo system. Street and racing applications. Flanges suit 1.75” outside diameter pipe. 7PSI Spring (installed), Inlet and outlet Weld Flanges, Inlet and outlet V-Band clamps, Valve seat, 2 x 1/16th blanking plugs, 2 x 1/16th Vacuum nipples, Locking Ring removal tool. Kit Builder Packs available to customer specifications.

Also available in Blue. (TS-0505-1005)