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There are 4 basic variants of the Garrett GT2871R.  Please be certain you are considering your requirements when selecting a GT2871R.  This version of the GT2871R contains the NS111 turbine wheel which measures 53.9mm and is a 76 trim wheel.  The compressor on this GT2871R is a full 71mm wheel with a 49.2 mm inducer for a trim of 48.  This is the lowers flowing turbocharger in the GT2871R family.

The compressor housing on this turbo is the T04B series cover with a 3" inlet and 2" outlet.  On gasoline this turbocharger can support right at 380 HP.

A great turbo for small to medium displacement inline 4 cylinders.  These turbos have the small, but very high flowing NS111 turbine wheel.  This amazing little turbine wheel allows for incredible transient response without hampering turbine flow on the top side.  The smaller compressor makes for an incredibly quick spooling turbocharger for smaller inline 4 cylinder engines.

This turbo is sold with a standard 14 psig internal wastegate actuator.  The basic off the shelf turbine housing is a T28 unit in either 0.64 or 0.86 A/R.  Numerous other turbine housing are available.  Please call for further information on these housings and their pricing.