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The e-Boost STREET is an electronic boost controller aimed at the street performance market. It features many boost control capabilities found on its big brother – the e-Boost2, continuing the e-Boost tradition of providing class-leading boost control, value for money and no nonsense features. New features include 40psi max boost operating pressure and an auxillary output.

The e-Boost Street allows two manifold pressure settings to be setup, each of which can be set to determine the peak manifold pressure as well as how rapidly the manifold pressure rolls on and also compensation for manifld pressures that drop off.


  • 2 Boost Settings: easily selected via the “turn-and-push” button.
  • An external switch can also be used to change between boost groups if desired
  • Boost Correction Factor: eliminates boost drop off at high RPM.
  • 3 Segment Display: with adjustable brightness can be configured for PSI, KPa, or BAR
  • Maximum Manifold Pressure: 40PSI / 2.7 BAR.

Part number: TS-0302-1002