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Proper manifold pressure management is critical to get the most out of your turbocharged engine.  There are many reasons one may choose to install a manifold pressure control system onto a turbocharged vehicle.

  • You desire just a few more psig of manifold pressure to increase the performance of the system
  • You need a system to be able to run significantly higher boost for one driver and the ability to turn that boost down for other, less-experienced drivers.
  • You want to have cockpid adjustable boost that can be changed on demand
  • You need a system to control boost based on the gear selected and/or based on engine RPM

From a simple mechanical inline boost T to an all out pulse width modulation controlled electronic boost control unit, the Turbosmart array of manifold pressure control devices likely has what you are looking for.  These modules are quality pieces which are reasonably priced, specifically considering the paybacks they offer.

As with any modification which increases manifold pressure, one must make certain to properly assess the stregth of the inner working of the engine and as well make certain that proper fueling is present.  Please consider all the variables at play before you purchase and install a boost control unit into your turbocharging system.  Lack of planning here can cost you a lot of financial pain and suffering.  As with all of our products, we are always available as a sounding board to assist you with your application and product selection.

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