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This section of our site has been created as a place to advertise good used parts.  Not all parts can be saved, but those which have good value or are hard to find are always stockpiled.  The theory is that someone, somewhere will eventually need this stuff.  Check back here often as we continually update this section with items.  Many items you'll find here are quite rare.

Porsche 924 Windshield

This PPG windshiled came out of our 1977 924 project build.  While it is in good condition, it...

Porsche 924/944 Quarter Window Seals

Used set of rear quarter window seals from our 1977 Porsche 924.  These are the early style...

Porsche 928 Center Console

Center console out of a Porsche 928.  This piece is black vinyl.  Good overall condition, but...