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Our twin turbo system is based on the GT2871R turbocharger from Garrett.  These modern ball-bearing turbochargers allow for fitment of two high-performance turbos in the cramped engine bay of the Porsche 928.  While considered "medium" in size, the GT2871R is a very potent turbocharger, specifically when run as twins on a medium displacement V8, like the 928.  Forget all you've read about turbo lag (boost threshold to be more precise) and the like, because our system performs well beyond any other forced induction system available today.  Full manifold pressure is reached before 4,000 RPM and holds strong, resulting in a power curve that is incredibly wide, without killing top-end performance.  Additionally, everything we build is designed to run on pump gasoline without any sprays or water injection.  This means all power figurs you see were acheived with 93 octane gasoline run on moderate boost pressures.  Remember, a well engineered solution always considers many variables, never just one.

The twin turbo system was proven in 2007 on our test car, a 1988 Porsche 928S4 with over 170,000 miles on the clock at the time of the conversion.  The engine ran stock internals in 2007, and it is still running stock internals today, with great success.  Our test car is driven regularly, and sometimes daily for months on end.  Unreliable?  No.  Heat problems? None.  Reliable, fun, and super-car fast?  You bet!

The twin turbo system consists of the following:

  • Twin high energy ceramic coated turbo headers
  • Twin Garrett GT2871R turbos with 0.86 A/R hotsides and hardware
  • New cylinder head exhaust manifold sealing rings
  • New copper plated exhaust nuts
  • Compressor bypass valves
  • Twin split outlet ceramic coated downpipes with hardware
  • Turbo oil collection sumps
  • Turbo wastegate actuators
  • Oil scavenging system with all oil lines and fittings
  • Forced induction plumbing, powder coated
  • All silicone hose and ABA or Norma brand hose clamps
  • Proprietary intake plenum box with Porsche and Twin Turbo badges and mounting hardware
  • Wastegate control lines (hard lines)
  • Twin high flow bar and plate intercoolers
  • Patterns and materials to construct intercooler ducting
  • Bumper grills for intercooler integration
  • Modified straps for intercooler integration
  • High flow K&N air filtration system with mounts, filters, and all hardware
  • In block air/oil separator
  • Provent external air/oil separator
  • Water circuit for turbos including post shut down magnetic drive water circulation pump and power circuit
  • Bosch 044 fuel pump with power rely and wiring
  • Increased flow fuel tank pick-up system
  • JDS Porsche Super MAF extended range MAF sensor
  • New Bosch 42 lb/hr fuel injectors
  • New LH 2.3 and EZ-K fuel injection EPROMS (chips)
  • Check valves
  • All braided lines and fittings
  • New vacuum lines
  • New air horn
  • All necessary hardware

What's not included?

The twin turbo system at the advertised price does not include the following:

  • Exhaust system from the downpipes back (we can custom build if you desire)
  • Clutch (we can provide this for those with 5-spd transmissions)

In total, there are over 575 individual components which make up the system.  Please consider how extensive our parts list is as you make comparisons to other systems.   A set of fuel injectors, modified fuel pickup, and a fuel pump can easily knock on the door of $1,000.  If you're price shopping, make sure you are comparing an apple to an apple.

The installation, while lengthy is, for the most part, basic and straightforward.  Anybody with good mechanical skills can install the system.  Expect to spend 50-60 hours doing the installation, possibly less if you own your own lift, possibly more if you are less experienced.  While this may seem lengthy at first glance, consider that once you're done the reward is always there waiting under your right foot.