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Model Specific Performance

Our roots in the turbocharged Porsche 928 run deep, extending back to the early 1990s.  There is nobody with more experience in building turbocharged Porsche 928s than Kuhn Performance Technologies.  This includes even the big name early tuners from the 1980's.  Our builds include 4.5 liter twin turbos, a 4.7 liter Euro twin turbo, and 5.0 liter 32 valve twin turbos (S4 and GT).  Contrary to polular belief, the turbocharger is the best selection for a forced induction system for the Porsche 928. 

Consider our Twin Turbo system for the Porsche 928 offers:

  • The highest specific output of any bolt-on forced induction system available for the 928 produced by anybody, anywhere
  • The widest possible powerband per unit of manifold pressure (compare the charts, the data doesn't lie)
  • An exceptionally well thought through system which offers significant aesthetic appeal
  • The best performance/dollar of any forced induction system avaialble for Porsche 928
  • Proven and documented performance gains
  • Hand crafted quality and aesthetics in a bolt-on package
  • The best possible components available


Intake Plenum Box

The intake plenum box is a critical piece to completing a twin turbo installation on a Porsche...

Scavenging Pump

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Twin Turbo Downpipes

Porsche 928 Twin Turbo downpipes, ceramic coated with thermal expansion joints and 3" V-Band...

Twin Turbo Exhaust Manifolds

For those who want to do their own exhaust work and source thier own turbochargers, we offer the...

Twin Turbo Hotside Components

For those who are interested in purchasing just the hard to build items, we offer the hotside...

Twin Turbo Intercooling

Building your own boosted system and need to have a proven and reliable intercooling system?  We...

Twin Turbo System

Our twin turbo system is based on the GT2871R turbocharger from Garrett.  These modern ball-...

Twin Turbo Turbochargers

Twin turbos designed to match the Porsache 928 S4 Twin Turbo manifold and downpipe system. ...