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All the 32V Porsche 928s used a Bosch mass airflow sensor (MAF).  These sensors provide relaible service for many years and allow for very good feedback to the LH fuel module which in turn allows for great driveability across the entire operating range of the engine. 

These sensors even work well when used in a pressurized system (blow thru), however there is one nagging problem.  The issue is that there is no lip on either end of the sensor to retain the hoses while the system is under pressure.  Anybody who has ever owned or operated a positive manifold pressure fed 928 with these sensors knows the end result...pop, and off comes the boot.

We have developed a proven, albeit simple solution to this pesky little problem.  We now offer a machining service to remove a slight amount of material from either end of the sensor, which, in turn leaves a lip on the end of the sensor to allow your MAF boot and hoses to remain in place.

Every turbocharged 928 we build gets this setup.  All SuperMAF sensors we sell also get this revision.  Will not impact use of MAF for normally aspirated operation when used with the stock airflow box.