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Any high performance engine has the basic requirement of needing to be fed.  An undersized fuel pump or over stressed fuel line is a recipe waiting for a disaster.  Don't bank the safety of your 928 engine on the stock fuel strainer.  If you've installed the Bosch 044 fuel pump, you've only done half the job.  It is of critical importance that the fuel strainer from the tank be opened up to allow the Bosch 044 pump to easily draw fuel out of the tank.

Based on the stock strainer, our high flow strainer screws into place of the factory unit and is setup for a -10 AN fuel line.  This allows your 044 pump to easily flow the necessary fuel to about 600 HP.  The system comes with a new modified Porsche strainer, along with all lines and fittings to get you onto your Bosch 044 pump.  No modifications to the fuel lines are needed, though the fuel pump cover may need to be slightly releived to allow for ample space.  Any easy and nice upgrade to any high-performnce Porsche 928.