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All engines have their weak points and the Porsche 928 is certainly no exception.  With the recent popularity of adding manifold pressure to the Porsche 928, a very obvious problem crops up...dealing with blow-by gasses.  The stock crankcase breathing system in the Porsche 928 was barely adequate enough to work normally aspirated, in fact to be blunt, the design has all sorts of flaws.  Once you add manifold pressure, the problem worsens, perhaps by an order of magnitude.

Our experience has shown that re-routing the crankcase breathing to come out of the oil filler neck with a 1" port has proven far superior to the stock system.  In addition, it is necessary to have some line of immediate cleaning for the air-oil mixture that the crankshaft is throwing around in the crankcase just below the breathing port.

The in-block air oil scrubber mounts underneath the oil filler in the V of the engine block.  Thsi piece has been cleverly designed to have two methods of getting rid of the oil coming out of this area.  First, it has louvers which provide a surface for the oil to collect against and second, it has a copper mesh inside to further scrub the air coming through the breather area.

We use these on all turbocharged 928s in conjunction with a Provent external air oil system with excellent results.  The module comes with double gaskets for your year 928.  Tig welded and made of 304 stainless steel.