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The 928's cramped engine bay leaves little room for effective modification, but when planned out properly room can be made.  Any engine, normally aspirated, or force induced should pick up air from a spot that is receiving the coolest air possible.  Additionally, having the filtration in a spot where it is fully visable and able to be easily serviced is clearly important.  So often is the case that people fail to follow these simple rules.  This results in solutions with air filters mounted inside a hot engine bay, or tucked up in an area where regular inspection is not possible without removal of inner fender liners, or climbing under the car.  Furthermore, many times filters of inadequate size are used with little regard for air velocity, which if too high will allow debris particles to pass straight through a cotton gauze style filter.  Our system has been designed to get around all of these limitations.

Our air filtration system has been designed to fit the 1987 and newer Porsche 928 cars and places the air filtration system out in front of the radiator.  The design is highly aesthetic and looks incredibly at home in the engine bay of the Porsche 928.  The air snouts themselves are fabricated from hand laid aviation grade fiberglass with strong epoxy resin.  Air filters are K&N and can be cleaned and re-oiled to last the lifetime of your car.  The system comes complete with all necessary mounting brackets and hardware to support a full installation.

Please note that after selling one set of these to a supercharged kit builder with the intention of being his supplier, he decided to copy the design and go against the gentleman's agreement we had with him.  We later found out he had attempted to pull this stunt with other 928 solutions providors as well.  We developed this design and he, being unethical as he is, decided to copy the design.  After he was called out on his little stunt, he had the audacity to tell us he had planned to tell us and wanted to offer his parts for sale to us.  Let's make sure we are clear here, we don't buy back cheap copies of our own products.  The audacity of some people will never be understood.

Our system is built from 8 layers of hand laid aircraft grade epoxy resined fiberglass, which is hand finished and painted.  Our bracket design is setup to allow you to strategically locate the air snouts into your chassis and additional brackets effectively triangulate the parts for a super strong installation.  Realize that some level of adjustment during installation will always be required of such a system.  Our solution allows adjustment diring the installation to always clear the hood.  Additionally, our design doesn't melt under the heat of the engine bay like a cheap plastic part will.

Available with standard round filters or with higher flow oval filters (shown).