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Model Specific Performance

Over the years, some of our twin turbo products have become popular as stand alone items.  We offer these and other items in this section as general performance upgrade and routine maintenance items for the Porsche 928.

928 32V Intake Gasket Kit

All 32V 928s eventually need to have the intake manifold refreshed.  The rubber seals get very...

928 Dual Snout Air Intake System

The 928's cramped engine bay leaves little room for effective modification, but when planned out...

Porsche 928 32V Cap and Rotor Kit

A set of distributor caps and rotors for Porsche 928S4.  Replace your old, worn components with...

Porsche 928 32V Distributor Cap

Bosch distributor cap for Porsche 928S4.  While it is easy to clean the contacts on the ignition...

Porsche 928 32V Hall Sensor

The late model (1987+) Porsche 928s with the 32V engines used a hall sensor on the left hand...

Porsche 928 32V Ignition Rotor

Ignition rotor for Porsche 928S4.  Replace your worn or heavily arced ignition rotors with a new...

Porsche 928 32V Knock Sensor

The late model 32V Porsche 928 engine utilizes two knock sensors strategically placed on the...

Porsche 928 Air Oil Scrubber

All engines have their weak points and the Porsche 928 is certainly no exception.  With the...

Porsche 928 Fuel Strainer

Any high performance engine has the basic requirement of needing to be fed.  An undersized fuel...

Porsche 928 MAF Machining

All the 32V Porsche 928s used a Bosch mass airflow sensor (MAF).  These sensors provide relaible...