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Model Specific Performance

The best high performance engine hardware in the world is not utilized to its full potential without proper engine management.  This holds true regardless of the make or model of the vehicle and whether normally aspirated or force induced.  With the advent of pulse width modulation fuel injection and knock control, comes the ability to do marvelous things in the realm of performance tuning, specifically with a forced induction setup.  Until about 2004, there was no viable way to properly tune the LH2.2 / LH2.3 and EZ-F / EZ-K of the late model Porsche 928s.  Tuning on these systems was only open to those with high level equipment, and many of the chip sets sold in the past were not suited to the current modifications on the Porsche 928.  With the recent popularity of supercharging and turbocharging the Porsche 928 came the necessity to be able to get onto these systems.  We were early adoptors of the technology developed in Cambridge, England by JDS Porsche for the Porsche 928.  In fact, we have one of the first fully equipped Shark Tuner modules we still use to tune our customer's cars (and sometimes cars built by our competitors ;).

The product available here represent the best engine management options for the Porsche 928.  No longer is there a need to attempt to tune with a ramping fuel pressure regulator, or a stand alone ECU.  Neither is ideal, specifically if you value keeping the factory wiring loom in the vehicle.  The value for those wanting to tune their own 928 is in using the JDS Porsche family of products.  These products have allowed us to take full advantage of our forced induction hardware on the Porsche 928 and now they are available to you directly through Kuhn Performance Technologies.

We offer the full range of JDS Porsche rebuilt LH 2.3 modules and Mass Airflow Sensors (MAF).  Whether you are in need of a recalibrated MAF sensor or are building an all out 750 HP twin turbo 928, we have what you need to get the job completed professionally and in most cases without even having to cut a wire!

Porsche 928 EZ-F 2 BAR MAP Upgrade

With the ability to get onto the LH2.2, LH2.3, EZ-F and EZ-K, wonderful things are possible for...

Porsche 928 EZ-K Ignition ECU

Used Bosch EZ-K ignition ECU.  Bosch part number 0.227.400.035.  Porsche part number 928.618.124...

Porsche 928 EZ-K Ignition ECU w/DIA

Used Bosch EZ-K ignition ECU.  Bosch part number 0.227.400.035.  Porsche part number 928.618.124...

Porsche 928 L-Jetronic Airflow Meter

This Bosch airflow meter came out of a 1980 Porsche 928 with 3-spd automatic transmission.  The...

Porsche 928 LH 2.3 Fuel ECU-Rebuilt

Fully rebuilt Bosch LH 2.3 fuel ECU.  Bosch part number  Porsche part number 928....

Porsche 928 MAF

These sensors are recalibrated to factory specifications by JDS Porsche.  These units are ready...

Porsche 928 SuperMAF

The JDS Porsche SuperMAF sensor is a remapped Bosch MAF sensor that allows for the LH modules to...

Shark Tuner MKII

The Shark Tuner MKII has been designed to work with the 1987 and newer Bosch LH2.3 and EZ-K...

Shark Tuner PEMs

Programmable EPROM Modules (PEMs) for use with the Shark Tuner on the 1987 and later Porsche 928...