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The Shark Tuner MKII has been designed to work with the 1987 and newer Bosch LH2.3 and EZ-K modules.  The Shark Tuner MKII allows full remapping of the stock fuel and ignition paramaters to match just about anything you can throw at a 928 long block.  This system will allow you to tun the fuel and ignition to levels exceeding 700 HP.  60 lb/hr injectors can be easily run in the LH2.3 when tuned with the Shark Tuner MK2.  In addition to this, the module allows for simultaneous mapping of fuel and ignition paramaters with the use of the PEMs which get installed into the LH2.3 and EZ-F.

The Shark Tuner MK2 comes with the necessary wiring and PEM modules for your 1987 or newer Porsche 928.  Please realize you will need a SuperMAF and a wide band oxygen sensing system to properly utilize the entire potential of this system.

There is no better or easier way to map you high-power Porsche 928!