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With the ability to get onto the LH2.2, LH2.3, EZ-F and EZ-K, wonderful things are possible for the Porsche 928.  However, there are some limitations.  Most specifically, the EZ-F used in the 1985-1986.5 Porsche 928s has no way to compensate for the boosted range of the engine.  What this means is that if you're running one psig of manifold pressure or 15 psig of manifold pressure, the EZ-F can only have one row of timing cells.  This is because the stock MAP sensor in the EZ-F is a one bar sensor, in that it only measures from absolute vacuum to atmospheric conditions.  You have lots of resolution on the vacuum side, but once the engine swings into boost you're stuck with one row of timing cells.

The solution to this is basic and straightforward.  The one bar MAP sensor in the EZ-F is replaced with a 2 BAR sensor.  This effectively cuts the vacuum section of the map down to half scale and leaved the lower half of the ignition map available for tuning the ignition.  This is particularly important on a turbocharged car, where you may want to have various manifold pressure settings. 

The EZ-F conversion removes the old one BAR MAP sensor and mounts a 2 BAR MAP externally from the box.  A must have for any turbocharged 928 runnign EZ-F ignition control.  Listed price is for modification to your existing EZ-F.