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The Audi AAN was equipped from the factory with a responsive, yet anemic KKK K-24 with a No. 6 hotside.  These turbos offer good response and can make decent power up to about 275 HP.  Beyond that, one needs to step into the turbo offered from the factory in the RS2, but this turbo simply cannot match the flow potential of the modern Garrett ball bearing series of turbochargers.

Luckily, the Garrett GT series turbochargers can be equipped with a turbine housing that is compatible with the KKK bolt pattern on the manifold and the downpipe.  This means you can have anything from a GT28RS all the way through a full GT3076 as a basic bolt on (mechanically) option for your turbo inline 5 cylinder.  The turbine housings are based on a T3 series housing and are drilled to match the bolt pattern of the KKK series turbocharger.  These turbos, coupled with an RS2 or similar exhaust manifold can yield an incredible performance upgrade for the turbo inline 5 cylinder.