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The inline 5 cylinder Audi turbo engine has a great soul.  A moderately high RPM engine with lots of good strong midrange torque and great peak power production.  As with most engines, a certain level of increase in performance can be expected from the stock components with higher manifold pressure, but there is a limit.  With time and many cycles, parts wear and become subject to failure.  If you're building a high RPM, high power engine, having a strong rotating assembly is critical to the success of the build.  Modern turbochargers allow for crisp and smooth air delivery, so having a set of connecting rods that can handle the punishment a modern ball bearing turbocharger can deal out is very important.  The stock rods in the inline 5 turbo Audi engines, while safe to moderatlely high power levels, have been known to bend at higher BMEP levels and that can ruin your day.

We like the forged I beam Super A rod from Carillo as a reasonable balance between weight and strength.  These rods have a substantially higher area moment of inertia value ("I") as compared to the stock rods and are made of high grade 4330 alloy steel with a shot peened finish to minimize crack propagation.  A very highly engineered piece that is put to good use in your inline 5, be it mornally aspirated or turbocharged.  144mm length and a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock connecting rods to retain your 1.66 rod ratio.  These rods are ample for moderate to high powered inline 5 cylinder engines up to about 750 HP and 8,000 RPM.  Proudly manufactured in the United States of America and made of the highest quality materials.  Price is for a set of 5 connecting rods, with hardware.  Couple these with our forged piston set to acheive a very strong and exceptionally cost effective upgrade to your bottom end.