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Model Specific Performance

The inline 5 cylinder Audi dates well back into the 1970s and has proven time and time again that it is an incredibly durable and long lasting powerplant.  These engines were used in everything from early Audi 5000s all the way through the urS6.  The concept was simple, to provide a bridge between the power of a 6 cylinder and the performance of a 4 cylinder.  It was fortunate for we enthusiasts that Audi took this basic and proven platform and applied it to the racetrack and hill climb circuits in the mid to late 1980's.  The end result was having Audi put a lot of the race proven technology back into their street cars, most specifically with the first model S cars from 1992 onward.  We recognize these engines as one of the most easily built platforms in the industry, with a rich and colorful history.  Take a moment to look over some of our product offerings for the inline 5 cylinder before you make a purchase decision.  We think you'll agree that our products are unique and cost effective.

Audi AAN Carrillo H-Beam Connecting Rod
Audi AAN Forged Piston Set

The pistons used from the factory in the Audi AAN are a nice piece that can withstand a severe...

Audi AAN Head Gasket

Originally, the Audi AAN engines came equipped with a fiber based head gasket with a traditional...

Audi AAN Head Gasket Set

If you are going through your AAN completely, or are just doing some cylinder head work you will...

Carrillo Super A Connecting Rod

The inline 5 cylinder Audi turbo engine has a great soul.  A moderately high RPM engine with...

Garrett GT Series Turbos with KKK Conversion Hotside

The Audi AAN was equipped from the factory with a responsive, yet anemic KKK K-24 with a No. 6...