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Originally, the Audi AAN engines came equipped with a fiber based head gasket with a traditional metal fire ring.  These gaskets worked fine for the low manifold pressure run on the AAN engine.  They also worked just fine if the tune was not pushed too far.  Typically, head gasket failures are a symptom of another problem, that being detonation.

With that said, recent advancements in head gasket design are now easy to locate, and in addition are very cost effective.  Victor Reinz has responded appropriately with a new gasket for the Audi AAN.  With everybody turing up the pressure on these engines, this was a natural progression for the cylinder head gasket design.  So here is one case where we get very lucky in that we have a large supplier to the OEMs who has produced a modern and tested design to support the automotive aftermarket.  There is no better scenario than this.

We are proud to offer this head gasket at a reasonable price for your next rebuild or cylinder head job on your AAN.  Remember to always check your deck surfaces during a rebuild!