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Offering superior, high-performance automotive products and services is at the foundation of Kuhn Performance Technologies.  As with any business, having great suppliers and partnerships is essential to success.  This is why we have chosen to work with top-end suppliers and manufacturers to offer you superior goods and services.  For some jobs, products are custom made in house, while at other times, the job calls for specific and proprietary manufacturing which is outsourced with one of our suppliers.  At every step of the process, you will find that we make the extra effort to be certain that you understand what it is you are buying, and which of our technical partners' expertise or products are included with that purchase.  You'll never find us attempting to pass off a supplier's product as that of our own.

In this day and age of off-shore manufacturing, it is sometimes difficult to assure the quality of goods sold.  We demand quality, and we know you do as well.  We make every effort to source our products from areas where we know quality is still an important component as is the integrity of the environment and the health and well being of the people who live there.  Providing you with the best possible products at a competitive price is as important to us as it is to you.  Please consider the opportunity costs with buying strictly on price when you contemplate your next purchase.

Listed below are a few of our Technical Partners and some of the manufacturers of the products we choose to offer.



Bell Intercoolers is a premier supplier and manufacturer of off the shelf and custom made intercooler assemblies.  While we keep most manufacturing of our proprietary items in house, our intercooler assemblies are manufactured to our designs by Bell Intercoolers.  There is no finer intercooler manufacturer in the United States.  In addition, it is important to note that Bell Intercoolers continues to source intercooler cores and materials right here in the United States.  Bell Intercoolers values quality like we do, thus our reson for doing business with them since 2003.

Garrett is the world leader in high performance turbochargers and accessories.  We have chosen Garrett for most of our high performance engine builds for several reasons.  Garrett offers the widest range of high performance turbochargers of any manufacturer.  In addition, Garrett's product has proven reliable year after year.  Garrett turbochargers power our Twin Turbo Porsche 928 S4 and have since 2007.  Garrett's product is globally sourced and manufactured in facilities with high quality standards to assure you a long lasting high performance component.

JDS Porsche is the world's leading providor of Bosch ECU repairs and upgrades for the Porsche 928.  JDS Porsche pioneered the Shark Tuner device with which the average at home mechanic can safely and effectively get into the Bosch LH and EZ modules of the Porsche 928.  Based in Cambridge, England, JDS Porsche has been providing products to the Porsche  community for nearly a decade.  We're exceptionally proud to carry the JDS Porsche  family of product here in the United States.  A JDS Shark Tuner was utilized to tune in all of our high powered Twin Turbo Porsche 928 engine builds.

 Millennium Technologies is one of the country's leading suppliers of engine block and cylinder refinishing services.  We have used Millennium Technologies since 2003 and have had excellent results with their Nikasil palting process for the Porsche  Reynolds 390 alloy engine blocks.  In fact, our 1981 Twin Turbo Porsche 928 was the first 928 engine block refinished by Millennium Technologies.  Whether you're building an air cooled 2150 VW, a hot 911 flat six or an all out turbocharged 944 or 928, Millennium Technologies has what you need to get you engine block or cylinders prepared to obtain the maximum performance.  We proudly utilize Millennium Technologies to refinish all of our Reynolds 390 alloy Porsche 928 blocks.  Contact us for information about refinishing your cylinders or engine block.


Spec is a well known name in the high performance clutch and flywheel market.  We have utilized numerous Spec clutches for our high torque twin turbo builds over the years.  We are proud to offer the Spec product to you.  Whether you're just replacing a clutch in your Porsche 944 or building a 750 HP twin turbo 911, Spec has a product to meet your requirements.  Based in the United States, Spec offers a very high quality clutch assembly at an affordable price.  We are glad to assist you in getting you the information you need to make an educated decision on which Spec products meet your needs.

Turbosmart is a premier providor of turbocharger accessories and related components.  Based in Australia, Turbosmart manufacturers some of the most innovative; manifold pressure control, wastegates, blowoff and bypass valves and ancillary turbocharging components available today.  We have utilized Turbosmart components in some of out highest horsepower builds with excellent results.  Allow us the opportunity to discuss your   application and see if there is a Turbosmart product whcih will meet your requirements.