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In this day and age where it seems harder and harder to put a face to a name, we felt it was important to make certain you know exactly who you are working with when you contact us.  Our staff is presented below.


John is the primary influence over the business planning and represents the technical arm of the operation.  John is responsible for all product design as well as much of the in-house manufacturing of components and systems developed here.  John holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Entineering Technology from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Xavier University.  John holds several US Patents and has worked in the fields of packaging machinery, material handling, medical products, automotive die casting, and high performance automotive component and system design.  John’s personal vehicles include 2 twin-turbo Porsche 928s, a highly modified Audi urS4 and a "slightly" worked 1977.5 Porsche 924.  John's design philispohy is evident in all of our products.  Form always follows function.  John W. Kuhn started Kuhn Performance Technologies in 2006.

Colleen Kuhn handles customer inquiries, shipping and general logistics.  Colleen is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and holds a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology.  Colleen has prior experience in the field of banking and was previously employed with 5th/3rd bank here in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  Colleen's car of choice is a Audi S6 Avant.


Ceil Kuhn is our subcontracts and administrative representative.  Ceil handles larger contract negotiations and terms and conditions of business deals.  In addition, Ceil also gets involved with some of the day to day business activities for the operation.  Ceil is a graduate of Franklin Pierce College and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business.  Ceil has experience in material handling, precision machined components and systems, and high-tech magnetic sealing technology.  Ceil’s daily driver is an 05 VW Phaeton.  While she would disagree, she also has a strong right foot.

Andy Kihm is our development and manufacturing assistant.  You can typically find Andy involved up front in system layout and configuration as well as on the back end when it comes time to manufacture the components.  From the development of our industry-leading 928S4 twin turbo system to the execution of building our new facility, Andy has been involved.  Andy’s dedication to our operation has been obvious over the last several years.  Andy has extensive experience with Porsche 944s and currently owns several 944s (we’ve been working on talking him into a 928.)


Belle Kuhn is our 14 year old English Setter.  Her duties include keeping a watchful eye over our shop and providing moral support during late night R&D sessions.