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About Us

Our design philosophy is somewhat different than most aftermarket high-performance component manufacturers.  We take a great deal of pride in the solutions and products we offer. 

We follow a few very basic and simple rules when developing our products and deciding which manufacturers with whom we partner:

  • Form always follows function
  • Durability and longevity is always held in the highest regard
  • Engineered solutions always consider many variables, never just one
  • Aesthetics is always held in high regard
  • Neatness counts
  • Do the job properly, or don't bother

All of our product reflect our design philisophy. We do not compromise performance, longevity, or quality to shave costs or simplify manufacturing.  We are very proud of the service and products we offer.  Whilst our design philosophy is quite different than what is typical of other system and component providers, we think you'll agree that difference is positive.